Increasing Pitch Trusses

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! The gradually increasing pitch of these trusses gradually goes from the widest span to the shortest!

The job, for Investment Street Limited, was to design and manufacture trusses for an extension as part of a large refurbishment of an end of terrace property destined to become an HMO.

The location of the project in central Rugby meant available land was at a premium so the building would need to extend into what was available, which as it turned out wasn’t a shape conducive to standard trusses!

“In order to maintain a consistent pitch on the road facing elevation, and a constant fascia height on the rear, we needed to gradually increase the pitch from the widest span to the shortest,” MD Mat Harbour explained. “Working closely with the architect from the early stages to change what had originally been proposed, and liaising with the carpenter and roofer to ensure all involved knew how it was to be achieved, the factory went to work on these precision trusses!”

Of course Apex make more conventional trusses too, but we do love a challenge like this one!

Watch this drone footage of the increasing pitch on this Rugby-based development

increasing pitch