“We’re not just a supplier, we take pride in being a trusted partner. Real people who focus on customer service throughout every stage of the process. We understand that sometimes plans change, as your reliable supplier, we’re always at the end of the phone”

Mat Harbour – Apex Director


Utilising industry-leading design software from MiTek, our design team ensures an accurate and smooth design process.

You can easily upload architectural drawings using our online form in diverse formats like PDF, CAD, or DXF. Using these, our skilled team crafts 3D visualisations, particularly valuable for intricate roof projects.

We provide quotes and comprehensive designs based on your architectural and engineering drawings.


Following approval of the designs, our manufacturing team, equipped with the latest automated Hundegger CNC joinery machine and AV Birch Uniroll floor beam press, produce your trusses, joists or panels whilst maintaining millimetre-level tolerances.

Our skilled team use MiTek Design Software, which involves direct file transfers to the Depaw Saw for cutting and then onto the Stavelse Press for manufacturing.

We use the highest quality, sustainably sourced timber, ensuring our products are environmentally responsible and excellent value for money.


We provide regular progress updates and co-ordinate delivery times and use both rigid and articulated vehicles to ensure the flexibility to meet strict delivery guidelines.

For efficient unloading, we offer a comprehensive ‘site pack’ detailing both mechanical and manual handling methods. Our drivers are trained to the latest standards and carry necessary PPE.

Adhering to environmental regulations, our packaging minimises waste on-site. Joists are securely wrapped per EUTR requirements and marked for easy identification, while trusses and loose timber are banded and labelled by plot. Metalwork is supplied in sturdy nylon bags, all clearly marked for convenient use.

Customer Support

At every stage of your project, from initial inquiry and design to quotation, through to delivery and post-sales support, we ensure you’re never navigating it alone.

We take pride in offering a personalised experience, where you’ll have a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process. Rather than a separate customer service department, we believe in providing a single, knowledgeable person who can assist you with any aspect of your project.



We prioritise our customers’ needs, understand their unique requirements and provide personalised solutions and exceptional service that build lasting partnerships based on trust and satisfaction.


Maximising efficiency in our operations, utilising the latest technology and streamlined processes to optimise productivity, reduce waste, and deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers.


Our commitment to ethical practices, quality assurance, and sustainable sourcing ensures you can trust us to deliver timber solutions that reflect our dedication to customer satisfaction.


We embrace and drive technological advancements in timber engineering to stay at the forefront of the industry and consistently deliver innovative solutions to our customers across the sector.

Our guaranteed

Ten Day Turnaround Process

How do we deliver our Ten Day Turnaround Guarantee?

1. Enquiry

Begin by completing our online form and uploading your design. Our team will reach out to you to discuss any specifics and understand your requirements.

2. Drawing

Our specialist designers will estimate, detail and design from your architectural and engineer’s drawings. We use industry-leading MiTek software to create a detailed 3D visualisation of your project.

3. Quote

Once the 3D drawings are finalised, we will share the final design and produce a competitive quotation. Working with you to create an optimised plan for your site.

4. Approval

Take the time to review the final designs and the quote. We’re here to work with you to and discuss any specific technical requirements you may have.

5. Production

Our manufacturing team use the latest technology to build your trusses, joists or panels. We use the highest quality, sustainably sourced timber, ensuring our products are environmentally responsible and excellent value for money .

6. Inspection

As our products are made in a factory controlled environment, we carry out continuous inspections through all stages of production and can ensure guaranteed consistent quality.

7. Delivery

To deliver your engineered timber securely and on time, we use a fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers. When we deliver the products to your site, our ‘site pack’ includes instructions for unloading your roof trusses.