Ten Day Truss Turnaround

Why does Apex’s ten day truss turnaround guarantee matter to housebuilders? Isn’t everything planned months in advance?

The ability to turn jobs round quickly is really important to housebuilders of all sizes. “Yes, the norm was always to plan much further in advance,” according to Mat Harbour, MD: “But there are many reasons housebuilders value a quick turnaround, especially in such uncertain economic times – no-one can afford to keep too much cash tied up in stock at this point in the economic cycle, so a fast response is needed, as it is when another supplier lets a builder down.

Mat concluded: “Sometimes a project simply creates a short design and delivery window, like the one Apex measured yesterday (see photo) – this was the first time the builder had seen the roof so never knew what was involved and its now completely changed what we’d planned. Without a quick turnaround from survey to design to delivery, the project would stop for weeks.

Find out how we deliver our ten day turnaround guarantee here.

Ten Day Truss Turnaround – talk to Apex today!

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1. Enquiry

Begin by completing our online form and uploading your design. Our team will reach out to you to discuss any specifics and understand your requirements.

2. Drawing

Our specialist designers will estimate, detail and design from your architectural and engineer’s drawings. We use industry-leading MiTek software to create a detailed 3D visualisation of your project.

3. Quote

Once the 3D drawings are finalised, we will share the final design and produce a competitive quotation. Working with you to create an optimised plan for your site.

4. Approval

Take the time to review the final designs and the quote. We’re here to work with you to and discuss any specific technical requirements you may have.

5. Production

Our manufacturing team use the latest technology to build your trusses, joists or panels. We use the highest quality, sustainably sourced timber, ensuring our products are environmentally responsible and excellent value for money .

6. Inspection

As our products are made in a factory controlled environment, we carry out continuous inspections through all stages of production and can ensure guaranteed consistent quality.

7. Delivery

To deliver your engineered timber securely and on time, we use a fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers. When we deliver the products to your site, our ‘site pack’ includes instructions for unloading your roof trusses.