Greg Lech, Factory Foreman

Like the majority of the Apex team, Greg Lech brings plenty of experience in timber engineering to the business, having started work in the sector in 2010.

Initially a table worker, Greg progressed to a Team Leader position, then trained as a sawyer before being appointed deputy production manager for his previous employer before moving to Apex last year as Factory Foreman.

Working for a smaller young-and-hungry business is an entirely different working environment, and Greg has learned much from the move. “With a smaller, leaner team, we have been able to multi-skill everyone to give us a level of flexibility unheard of in larger businesses, and meaning we can support customer orders more efficiently,” he explained. “My team all have over 10 years’ experience in the sector and are enjoying the ability to work in a more flexible way, making working days more interesting.”

Product quality is at the core of how Apex is already making a splash in the truss and joist manufacturing sector, and something that Greg is very proud of. “We all know exactly how important it is that product is delivered on time every time, and to the exact specifications needed by housebuilders, so our quality control systems triple check every product that leaves the factory.”

Being in on the ground floor has also given Greg and his team the opportunity to set up the factory efficiently from day one without any preconceptions, using their experience to make sure truss, joist and panel manufacture all have a logical flow through the building.

MD Mat Harbour agrees: “Greg and his team have set our production standards high from the very start, putting in place the right processes and attitudes that will support Apex well into the future.”

Outside of work, Greg lives nearby with his wife and 13 year old son, as well as two much loved dogs. He is a Barcelona fan, and, with his son, trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu two or three times a week.