Why Certificate of Conformity and PEFC accreditation matter

When your product is a component of something that is expected to last for many decades – if not longer – accredited quality at every step is extremely important. Apex Timber Engineering understands this and its truss and joist operation, based out of its factory in Northamptonshire, is accredited with PEFC as well as CATG’s Certificate of conformity of the factory production control 1245-CPR-3138.

Director Mat Harbour is proud that the business is working to these important standards. “These accreditations recognise the management and quality systems we have put in place, as well as the competence of our teams and our unwavering focus on continual improvement.”

Fully accredited to PEFC standards, Apex Timber Engineering is fully committed to effective environmental practices, including appropriate Chain of Custody procedures, a requirement of all major UK housebuilders.

The Certificate of conformity of the factory production control 1245-CPR-3138 attests that factory production control fulfils all the requirements of EN 14250:2010 under system 2+. You can view and download copies of our certifications here.

If you have a truss, joist or spandrel panel project you’d like to talk to Apex about, please call us on 01933 510150 or email us.