New Hundegger Saw Installation

Our new Hundegger Turbo Drive 450 saw arrived in Wellingborough last week and is now fully installed and earning its keep, with Apex’s sawyers trained in the software and operation.

Designed for faster and more flexible cutting, the new saw is needed as we continue to get busier on the production floor. Hundegger’s flexible saw unit can make cuts at any angle and inclination and is fully integrated with our design and manufacturing processes.

Mat Harbour, MD at Apex comments: “For all the timber enthusiasts out there like me, in addition to every conceivable chop, mitre and compound cuts you can imagine, the 5-axis saw unit can be pivoted through 360° and at the same time tilted by 90°. This ensures precision and quality for more unusual cuts like birdsmouth, roof ridge joints, eaves formwork notches and scarf joints.”

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Watch our new Hundegger saw in action