Attention to Detail

Handling customer complaints is a task Apex MD Mat Harbour is going to have to handle if he keeps taking cheap doughnuts to customer sites like this amazing grand design style build in Ongar, Essex. Take note Mat, apparently only doughnuts from Dorrington’s bakers will do. It’s a complaint that must be taken seriously as it’s the only one Beston Wing, who’s been running this innovative site can come up with!

The original plans for the roof, including this interior barrelled ceiling for the master bedroom, included hand cut roof timber, Posi-Joists and lots of steel, an expensive undertaking. Gordon Walker at MKM Building Supplies Milton Keynes, put Beston onto Apex Timber Engineering and Mat Harbour offered to redesign the roof to give the same style with timber.

“The product and timber is all top quality,” enthused Beston, continuing: “Mat’s attention to detail and willingness to visit the site to ensure the Apex solution delivered was very much welcome – the occasional query we had was swiftly dealt with and never interfered with the build. Very impressive!”

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Watch this drone footage of this amazing build