Mat HarbourAbout Mat Harbour

Though he likes to think he doesn’t look old enough, Mat Harbour has been in timber engineering for 23 years this month.

He’s worked his way up from trainee estimator through the ranks – and through many different roles, adding to his skillset as he went. Estimator, designer, running a large design team and in charge of production and technical operations for a major truss manufacturing business, to name but a few. He’s even been known to make the odd cup of tea.

In nearly a quarter of a century, Mat might not quite have seen it all in the industry, but there are very few aspects of timber engineering that Mat doesn’t know like the back of his hand, so the move into his first directorship at Apex Timber Engineering was a very logical step for this Cambridgeshire boy.  “This has certainly never been a glamourous industry,” Mat commented. “But it is full of amazing people who work extremely hard to keep Britain’s housebuilders and their build programmes on track”

Times have been – and remain – tough in the industry: “Changes in the construction sector have been quite dramatic, but with every challenge comes an opportunity,” Mat explained. “Being able to apply nearly 25 years of experience to a new business environment means we have been able to build a more flexible operation to suit the needs of housebuilders as the sector navigates a seemingly endless series of political and economic challenges” He concluded: “We have designed Apex to be able to both scale up and down quickly, and to be as responsive as builders small and large need us to be – and I’m really pleased to say that approach is already paying off with steady growth across different part of the sector.”

Mat and his wife Lindsay, a Detective Inspector with the Cambridgeshire Constabulary, two teenaged boys and rescue greyhound Ralph.